10 Simple, Fun Ways to Make New Couple Friends

Happy friends cheering with red wine at barbecue dinner party -

Host a dinner party

Melissa R. Giuttari, a New York-based psychologist who specializes in couples therapy, suggests hosting a dinner party as the ultimate way to let new friendships grow. “Plan an interesting dinner party where you and your partner invite one of your coupled friends,” she advises. “Ask them if they can invite a couple or two that you may know or slightly know, or not at all know that they know who might enjoy the company and dinner. Relying upon and trusting your established friends’ suggestions of good company can help widen your social circle of couples friends.” Plus, who doesn’t love a dinner party? Try these tips for a quick cleanup after.

Follow your spirituality

“Whether this means going to a house of worship, a meditation class, or a group nature walk, joining a group that cultivates your greater spiritual values is a great way to find couple friends who share basic fundamental and core beliefs,” Giuttari says. If nothing else, you and your special loved one may just enjoy the time being unplugged and reconnected to each other.

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